Mistress LunaSea -- Domme of Sensual Torture

"I have been seeing Professional Dommes for over 10 years, and this was one of my best sessions ever!"

"With your training, I know what all the little girls are doing now." (quoted by a male sissy-girl)

"I've never had a session before, and I don't think there is anyone I would feel safer with introducing me to the scene."

"Mistress, may i always worship your nails?" (quoted from his knees)

"The experience was a very positive one for me."

"You made me feel emotionally calm and safe throughout our session, and i appreciated that."

"Mistress, may i pay homage to your feet?" (quoted from his knees)

"You are much more attractive than the photos on your site would suggest."

"I appreciate how open and nonjudgmental You are. You helped me a lot with my inhibitions and anxiety about my 'stuff' and about meeting You."


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