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Mistress, i LOVE You this much: $ USD.

So you think you want a session with me? There are a few things you need to know. Firstly you will know domination does not include sex. If you want sex, go to a sex worker, not a dominatrix! There will never be sex as part of any scene involving me, nor nudity on my part!

You will listen when I speak, you will follow the flow of conversation, and never try to lead Me. You will be polite and respectful at all times. This is assumed and anything else will not be tolerated. Any disrespect will end your session or even your chance to have one with Me.

*Contact Me via polite email asking about a session, remembering to include your likes and things you are not into. I will respond only to those who I feel will make suitable submissives.*

When you show up for a session, you will be freshly showered, and on time. Never early or late. Do not smell of strong cologne, after shave or cigarettes. I find those scents repulsive! You will not show up under the inluence of drugs or alcohol! You will have previously provided my tribute or will provide it upon arrival.

Double Domme sessions are available!

Last and most importantly. I play safe, sane and consensual. Make no mistake that I am the one in control. You will give your power over to Me freely.

Read what submissives have said about Me and sessions with Me.

A list of subs that have made Me smile.

Interested in Financial Slavery?

Inquire about a session with Me.


Where is Your next appearance?

Here are my next few upcoming appearances:

Please check out my calendar for more details, and see if you are able to arrange a session with Me.

Which Fetishes do You enjoy?

Foot, Shoe, Boot worship. Trampling and clawing are another way to put a smile on ,My face.

What types of scene play do You enjoy?

Sensual Torture, Domination, Tease and Denial, Bondage, Hot Wax, Violet Wand, Sissy Play/Cross Dressing, Flogging, Clawing and Caning. I also injoy light breath play, mummification, and electrical play. I am willing to work with all genders and sexual preferences.

What do You NOT do in scenes?

No Smoking! Nothing to do with children, animals, no bodily fluids. No scat. No sex. No drugs. No alcohol.

When I come to a session, what gifts are appropriate?

If you bring a gift to please Me before a session, I like the following: gifts certificates from World Market, Pier 1, Total Wine, and Victoria's Secret; or candles (dark red or black). You could also choose something from My wishlist.

Please describe Your dungeon.

Session locations can be discussed

Do You do "Double-Domme" sessions?

Yes, there is another Lady here that I will schedule Double-Domme sessions, based on both of Our availability.

Is there an age restriction on those You play with?

They MUST be of legal age (of course).

Are You accepting real time slave/subs?

I currently have three 24/7 slaves. I would be willing to consider an exceptionally dedicated slave. Beware I am very demanding and humiliation is part of My nature.

Please describe Your wardrobe.

I have corsets, dress and catsuits of latex, PVC and satin. I love vintage clothing. Especially vintage lingerie. I have a large collection of heels, shoes and boots of all varieties but NEVER enough. (sizes 6.5 or size 7)

How would you describe Your session style?

Sensual. Sadistic, but nurturing. I will not tolerate topping from the bottom, nor rudeness, or the session WILL BE OVER! I remind you, I am very demanding and humiliation is part of My nature.

Do You belong to any lifestyle organizations/groups?

I belong to NCSF - National Coalition for Sexual Freedom.

What are Your general thoughts about Domination and Submission?

I have been a Dominant Woman My entire life and will only scene with submissive males/females. I am not a switch nor will I bottom in a scene. Don't bother asking!

Do You travel?

Yes. Contact me through:

Nite Flirt
(1-800-863-5478 ext 0572192)

for more information.

For the traveling submissive, which airpoirt are You nearest?

Charlotte Douglas Internation Airport (CLT)

How can I make the Mistress smile?

Check out My wishlist.

How do I contact Mistress LunaSea?

for sessions:
Use My online form.

Nite Flirt:
Mistress LunaSea @ Nite Flirt

General BDSM/Session Discussion:
1-800-863-5478 ext 0541061